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Living Room Church is a safe space to ask difficult questions, find community, and share life together. They believe in loving, listening, building relationships, and exploring discipleship together. They believe in being church differently. All are welcome! Started on January 17th 2022


Platform Events Worlds / Links
AltspaceVR Living Room Church Channel
Discord Living Room Church VR

Order of Service

  1. Greeting
  2. Worship
    1. Lead by a user singing Christian worship songs live
    2. The Audience is left unmuted, so some sing along.
  3. Reading of a Scripture verse
    1. Interpretation of Scripture
  4. Give a time to socialize
  5. A group time for prayer request
    1. Ask who wants to lead the worship and the scripture reading for next week.
    2. Praise reports are given, sharing how God has answered prayer


Many Pastors come through and they are open to contributors from all different backgrounds. Partly inspired by the Fresh Expressions movement.

Michael Adam Beck who wrote Painting With Ashes: When Your Weakness Becomes Your Superpower and is the pastor at Wildwood United Methodist Church and goes by reverendwild1

Zachary Townsend is a pastor at Pine Log Church which is a United Methodist Church , who goes by RevZeeTee