Mission Statement

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The Focus

The main emphasis of this group is next-generation technology. We fill a unique role in the Church to advance virtual reality ministry, crypto, augmented reality, video games, block chain, etc.

Not "Digital Ministries"

What has been called "digital ministries," aka livestreaming church on the online platforms or how to do social media. is something other groups can help equip churches with.

Also, growing the Metaverse Ministry Network isn't the goal. Not to sound pretentious, but this group is invite-only for those passionate about next-gen tech. It's really only for those active in VR ministry. Our goal is to keep the group small and focused

Subject to Change

Now we could have a chat and change that if we want. There is a lot of people interested in the VR ministry but not serious enough to start. We could change to allow people who have not started ministries yet and be more open because that might encourage those on the fence to activate VR ministry. We could even open this up to "anyone", but we need to voice chat about that.

Also this doesn't mean we couldn't create things about last-gen topics: social media, streaming to Facebook, etc... but for the time being lets focus on next-generation technology.