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Frequently Asked Questions?

1.What is the metaverse?

There is no specific definition of what the metaverse is as right now. My own interpterion of the metaverse and how it used means big, massive and interconnected.

What I mean by that is that it like big City somewhere, there are many different shops and stores you can go in but your still apart of the same city interconnected with either other. While still being different from one another.

2.Is Meta the metaverse?

No Meta (formally known as facebook) changed there name to meta so that when anyone things of metaverse they think meta first. Though meta sales some the cheapest vr headsets as of right now.

3.What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a simulation of the presence of someone being right there in front of you as well the simulation of virtual world that makes your mind think your in whole different world than your own.

4.How do people go to these places?

We inter this virtual reality through what we call VR (Virtual Reality Headsets). These headsets allow us to travel to many different worlds and apps we use as well games that we play.

5.I see a lot headsets that claim to be VR headsets. What is the differences between say mobile VR vs Quest or wired VR or Wireless VR?

There a few differneces in this sanerio.

Mobile VR is a type of VR headset that you buy VR headset and you would download google VR, Then you stick your phone in the front pocket to watch VR or more like 360 videos.

standalone VR headset like the quest 2 does not require you to use your phone or stick in front of the headset. It where all the computing power is upfront which can cause it to be front heavy at times.

wireless VR means a VR headset that can play wireless with VR but is not standalone headset.

wired VR headset is where you hook cable to link to your pc to play VR but you will need good gaming pc to do so.

6.Where Can I buy or find more info of the VR headsets on the market?

You can find more info about the current VR headsets here VR Headset Comparison

7.Is 360 video and VR video the same thing?

NO they are not the same thing though they are used interchably a lot of times.

a.360 video means you video a video in 360 view point but due to the processing power it can look blurry because the picture is sort of being stretched out there though you can where VR headset to watch 360 video for more immersive experience.

b. VR movie, video means it video that is designed in VR with VR in mind.

8.What does it mean when people want a more immersive experience?

So you will here this word through a lot around the metaverse and immersive just means they want to feel like there a part of that world rather than just wearing headset, they want feel like there, smell the roses in VR, ect.

9.What are the differences between VR apps and can I get go to another platform within the same platform?

No you can not get to one app to another in VR app.

So each game or app are different just like Facebook is different from YouTube and google is different from Instagram.

10.What are VR social apps?

VR social apps are very similar to to social media in the VR space. There are currently 3 most popular vr apps as of right now.

1.AltspaceVR which you find more info about them here

AltspaceVR is very similar to myspace when it first launch but you can create worlds and host your own events in this platform. Another uquine thing about altspacevr compared to others is mostly adults (30+ use this platform) this dose not mean it has questionable content it just means your just going to meet an older crowd in this space who can help you build worlds or help you host your very own event.

2.VRchat is very anime influenced type of platform where certain things can be questionable but it mostly young adults and teens who use this platform. What very uquine in VRchat is all the avatar creations you be used and there alot of them. You can find more info about VRchat here

3,Rec room is the last most popular social vr you will hear which mostly kids (not all the time) use this platform to create unquie games within the platform. You can find more info here

11.What does it mean to be interactable?

Something you should know about VR is that your talking to real human behind these avatars which means you can feel sense of prensce of them in the room. Being interactive with them is being apart of them, by talking with each person and getting to know one another. You feel like your talking with someone.

Second another thing is VR you will have something called VR objects that interactable and that just means you pick up items, throw items, hold items or items might have special features.

12.Can't I just put a video on the screen for people to watch does that make it VR?

No, putting video on screen of for people to watch is okay and there times times to do that but if you want to truly be different then your going to have to think different. In other words people like to go exploring in different worlds or have the audience partipace in your event somehow.

This needs to be your thing there some much more you can do than just putting on video in VR and have that play you have whole metaverse to play around with.

And if your looking to build your own church within the metaverse then you do so here Starting a Church

13.What about Saftey in the Metaverse?

Each VR has it own moderation tools to deal with unwanted guests, trolls, bullies ect.

14.Do People Use their Real Name? Or should you?

Most of the Time People use what is called pseudonymously which generally a different name from their real name part of the reason for that is to protect themselves for priavcy reasons. And be wise to have one when your online.

15.What are Trolls?

Trolls, bullies and sometimes hackers are people who may come into your event that might cause reckless or disturbing you when your teaching or just being annoying as well. You can try to reach these trolls if you like but if you want a safe environment for new people to come then best to look at the moderation tools in Each platform to deal with these types of people if your in public spaces.

16.What is Moderation?

All moderation is what is your event about and what kind of people do you want coming to your event. Plus it helps reduce the unwanted guests with your event if they are being disturbing.