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By God's grace alone will these things be accomplished.

Help Churches Get Started

Starting a Church will provide a landing page to find all the advice a budding church needs, starting with advice that applies broadly to all platforms, and then becoming more platform specific as they drill into the pages. Issues of theology will be presented, with links to dedicated pages on how specific Churches/Ministries/Individuals answer them.

Show What is Already Out There

Churches and Ministries provide a way for normal people to find out what groups already exist in VR to possibly join. Also Leaders may browse to become inspired by what is already being done, especially when drill down into church/ministry subpages that describe how to volunteer.

Training Resource

Instead of churches/ministries creating many Google Docs on things like volunteering that easily get lost, a Wiki makes an easy centralized placed to store information related to a church/ministry that can link to each other. This saves writers from repeating themselves when the same techniques are used across volunteer roles. Example: VR MMO Church Host Team

Easy Notes in VR is a shortened easily typed URL to access the wiki from a web browser while in VR. This allows for any volunteer to refer to any notes on the wiki while volunteering, or better yet for pastors to bring their notes into VR portably by creating wiki pages with titles "[PastorName] [Date] [Sermon Title]". Example Title: "DJ Soto 2021-01-03 Fear Not".

( currently also goes to the wiki, but may point to a WordPress homepage in the future if someone volunteers to run that)

Answer Questions will be monitored by a team of VR Ministry Nerds and be promoted as a way to get questions answered. As questions come in, they will be answered by links to wiki pages that already answer them, or inspire the creation of new wiki pages to answer them.

Share Assets

Due to easily usable media being limited in these new platforms (especially for Christian specific applications), polling pre-compiled assets from multiple groups will help all to have more useable resources. This will especially help brand new churches who may not necessarily have intricate knowledge of the platform to make their own assets.

Currently AltspaceVR is the only confirmed shared asset platform, where the raw unity files will be placed in Github, and that unity project will be used to upload kits divided by file type (No Texture Low Poly, Textured, Sketchfab, etc...) with each kit a max size of 4mbs. All Kits and Templates will also be shared through AltspaceVR if a request is made to . Currently no objects have been added.