Starting a Church

From Metaverse Ministry Network

Step 1: Pray

Step 2: Read Nehemiah 2:11-20, meditating both on how Nehemiah prepared for the work, and under mocking just relied on God's provision.

Day 1: Explore

Prayerfully consider what platform.

Useful comparisons of the different platforms.

Or better yet, explore and try out that different platforms to get a feel for what platform God has positioned/called you to.

While at it, collect general advice for starting a Church in any metaverse by looking at Starting a Church Videos and Starting a Church Podcasts and Starting a Church Articles (like 10 Insights from 10 Weeks of Church in the Metaverse from Life.Church)

Day 2: Experiment

Create your First Event!

Use the knowledge collected during the exploration phase, and any advice that exists here for your specific platform.

Day 3: Establish

Solidify the Structure

  • Budget where you need it (3D Modeler for a custom space, Graphics, etc...)
  • Create volunteering roles and training documents

Define the Theology

Based on what you can do in the platform, decisions will need to be made about things like: