VR Headset Comparison

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Anyone looking to explore VR platforms must answer the question of what headset they are going to use. Although some Social VR platforms like VRChat, AltspaceVR, and Rec Room have methods to interact in 2D mode, it decreases the feeling of "presence" for others in the space and "immersion" for the user typically.

Recommended Headsets

As of 2022-02-06
Headset Cost Platform Video


Known For
Quest 2 $299 Oculus ThrillSeeker Best Meta and Standalone Headset, No Gaming Computer needed!
HP Reverb G2 $600 Windows Mixed Reality ThrillSeeker Best Windows Mixed Reality Headset
Valve Index $1000 SteamVR ThrillSeeker Best SteamVR Headset
Varjo Aero $1990 SteamVR ThrillSeeker Best Resolution Headset
Pimax 12K $2400 SteamVR? ThrillSeeker Most Hyped headset, release maybe 2022 4Q, most are skeptical

Upcoming VR/AR Headsets

1.Lynx R1 https://youtu.be/HRnLH3AnCEs

2.Pico 4 https://youtu.be/7OecxW9XtDw2

3.Playstation VR 2 https://youtu.be/PxUXWpj11fw

4.Quest Pro https://youtu.be/JNYpD212HQA

VR Accessories

1.Bhaptics https://youtu.be/sAIiswMXSSc

Things to Keep in Mind


Similar to the Apple app Store and the Google Play store having different apps available, and sometimes having the same apps available on both platforms. There are many platforms with apps, but we will list the ones that have headsets dedicated to them.

Platform Owner Main Headset
Oculus Meta Quest 2
SteamVR Valve Valve Index
Windows Mixed Reality Microsoft HP Reverb G2
VivePort HTC HTC Cosmos
Pico Pico Pico Neo 2

Standalone vs PC VR

Standalone VR headset means the headset will function when not connected to a computer. Due to the Standalone headsets the Pico Neo 3 and the Vive Cosmos being marketed for business, the Oculus Quest 2 is the only reasonable standalone headset for consumers.

PC VR headsets require to be connected with a cable to a gaming computer (any computer with a GPU over 3 GB of VRAM). This can raised the price of PC VR significantly by adding the cost of a fancy computer on top of the cost of the headset. PC VR provides better visuals, more flexibility in integrating third party setups, and overall the most options of games to play, although the Quest 2 does support many games now.

Closing Comment

The closing of VR Buying Guide - BEST VR Headset 2022! puts it well that the Quest 2 is the most used due to wide usability, the HP Reverb G2 is better for visual quality, the Valve Index for PC VR enthusiasts who don't mind the decrease in visual quality, and the Varjo Aero for the ultimate visual quality currently.

Recommended Research Links

For those who want to do their own research, here are some good places to get you started: