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VR MMO Church is a church that started when on June 10th, 2016, the Soto family discovered the metaverse (AltspaceVR). Three days later they launched VR Church. DJ Soto with the gifting of planting churches (otherwise known as the apostolic ministry) has been able to plant church services in 4 different platforms/communities backed by a board and many hard working volunteers. Two of these platforms, Final Fantasy Online 14 and Rust, caused a rebranding to VR MMO Church that is in a transition period of having two websites (and one discord):

Being the earliest church in Virtual Reality has: given them the most attention from the news, given them the most opportunity to branch out to many different platforms, and allowed them to be instrumental in getting Cornerstone VR, New Reality Fellowship, and Lakeland VR started.

Denomination: Decentralized and Christocentric please watch the video. which refers to the Rob Bell "Me, We, Everybody" Podcast Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4



Platform Events Worlds
AltspaceVR Channel VR Meta Church
Discord VR MMO Church
Final Fantasy Online 14 MMO Church Company
Rust Rusty Church[1]
VRChat VR Church
Youtube VR MMO Church


  1. DJ Soto - Who has a Ko-fi page for coaching
  2. Bismik
  3. Alina
  4. Zach
  5. Kari
  6. Koko

Volunteer Teams

VR MMO Church accepts volunteers by having them submit a ticket in their Discord, fill out a spiritual gifts test, and then recommend a best volunteering fit based off the results.

  1. VR MMO Church Welcome Team
  2. VR MMO Church Prayer Team
  3. VR MMO Church Build Team
  4. VR MMO Church Stream Team
  5. VR MMO Church Slides Team
  6. VR MMO Church Host Team

Season 5 Focus

On October 12th they switched over to season 5, where they want to no longer build this plane while flying it. Habakkuk 2:2 is rallying call for them to "Write the vision And engrave it plainly on tablets So that the one who reads it will run." This means they are concentrating on 4 churches, Final Fantasy 14 online, Rust, VRChat, and AltspaceVR. With another season of change comes a new focus which is Good Works. It is great to have religious knowledge and events, but that is not enough. They want everyone to be known for good works that express God's love to others. It is as simple as "Pray, Give, Go". Pray with them in the discord channel, Give of your heart/mind/time/finances/abilities, and Go to support/encourage/comfort/love others like in our community channels.


The vision for VR MMO Church "is to cultivate loving spiritual communities across the metaverse." That is the heartbeat of VR MMO Church. To support this, there are now many Community Channels that anyone can join on the Discord, focused on spiritually connecting people through games and topical interests. And for those who have been with us a couple of months, feel free to lead a new community channel with 2-3 people hanging out a month. Just submit the idea as a Community Channel Ticket in the discord. These communities are so important, because Jesus says in Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered in My name, I am there among them" So get involved!

Examples of questions they are continuing to mull over are "How do we help people to regain the energy to engage with life and develop themselves to the fullest?" or "How can we cultivate community (helping people to be seen and heard) in virtual environments?" or even "What's the simplest form of church we can express?" Don't be afraid to join the server if you are not a Christian, as long as you're nice they enjoy conversing with people from all different backgrounds.


With good works comes volunteering, and they especially need Twitch Streamers, World Builders, and Greeters. Twitch Streamers are people who livestream a video of the sermons to viewers on the platform called twitch, typically using a software called OBS on a computer to do so. Those who are intuitive with software could be taught. With 5 one hour sermons across 4 campuses all at different times creates a big need. World builders on the other hand are the people who make the 3D environments in AltspaceVR to help people ingest the scripture better during the sermons. If anyone is just getting into AltspaceVR and enjoy world building they would be excited to chat on Discord! The Greeting team makes a world of difference by setting the tone that these services are safe places where all can feel welcome. The only skills someone needs is to be friendly, be able to wave, and be early once they set the permissions to enter the event space early.


A new thing that they are doing is a streamathon once a month that is their version of passing the offering plate so people can donate to the vision of VR MMO Church. They don't talk about money in church, but once a month they'll ask the whole church to donate whatever makes them happy to give. They understand that people have mortgages, rent, and school bills, so they have no intention to cause guilt, pressure or make people feel bad here. They want to embody 2 Corinthians 9:7 (NLT) which says "You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”" The amount is not even that important, as much as supporting the Church is. The streamathons will be announced on the discord channel called "announcements", and if people miss them there is always a donation button at the top of the vrchurch.org website.

Order of Service


  1. Greet People
  2. 3 Minute Countdown Video
  3. 1st Worship Song (with Audience unmuted)
  4. Announcements
  5. 2nd Worship Song (with Audience muted)
  6. Pastor Greeting
  7. Walk through World for the Bible Chapter - Asking for Verse readers
  8. At each collection of verses
    1. An audience member reads it
    2. Pastor explains any biblical context, what application the verses have, and possibly a relatable example.
  9. If extra time, the Pastor gives a time for Questions and Answers
  10. After service, an area is pointed out for those who want prayer, and otherwise people just mingle.

To Learn More

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  1. Zombie Land PVE #1 | Raidable NPC Bases | Custom Maps at Zombie Lands has a connect button as another way to join.